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Product Design & Development

Products Design And Development (Believant Technologies)

For any organization, innovation is the heart that keeps them in a distinctive place from its competitors. Recent studies say that the organizations that constantly innovate their products are thrice likely to retain their customer base and have the leverage advantage in the market. Also, it is important to follow a set of process for product design and manufacturing. We follow DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) approach to create our products. All our products are designed and prototypes are developed in such a way that they are made for Manufacturability. We at Believant Technologies, work with latest 3D modelling software and equipped with modern prototyping facilities like 3D printing and metal injection molding to ensure faster and cost-effective solutions.

Our services include
1. Conceptual sketching
2. 3D modelling
4. CLASS-A and CLASS-B surfacing and styling
5. Prototyping
6. CAD simulation and analysis
7. Interior and exterior trims designing
8. Consumer product designing