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Off-Highway & Power-Train Design

Off-Highway & Power-Train Design (Believant Technologies)
Off-Highway & Power-Train Design 1 (Believant Technologies)

One of the key changes that are going on in the world is infrastructure development. Off-highway, construction and transport equipment play a pivotal role in the same. Most companies now concentrating cost-effective yet rugged vehicles to deliver those solutions. Power train is the key system in any vehicle that delivers power to the engine. Due to the increased complexity of vehicle design with interconnecting systems like engine, transmission, electric motors, battery, and vehicle control systems it has become a very competitive job to design a power train that matches with requirements. We at Believant Technologies have a dedicated team with more than 20 years of average experience in the design of off-highway and power train design solutions for our customers. Our solutions for off high way and power train design:


1. Off-highway equipment
2. Construction & Forestry equipment
3. Mobile Cranes
4. Agricultural Equipment
Following domains in above :
– Structures (Thin sheet, Thick sheet, Heavy, weight reduction)
– Hydraulics (Circuits, routing, component selection, fittings, hose/tube sizing)


1. Aggregate selection/integration
2. Emission control technology adoption
3. Performance evaluation
4. Routing of air intake, exhaust system, cooling system and fuel circuit.
5. Engine accelerator/stopping arrangement.