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NC & CNC Simulation

NC & CNC Simulation 1 (Believant Technologies)
NC & CNC Simulation (Believant Technologies)

With increased complexity in manufacturing and utilization of products with complex structure geometry, it has become a need of the hour to generate proper tool paths that provide an efficient way of machining the parts. For any CNC machine, the tool paths are the way of instructing how to machine the component. With the availability of cam software, it became very easy to generate tool paths. But it is also proven that even though the CAM software generates tool paths it’s the only experience that makes sure that the same is correct or not. Also, the machining speeds and temperatures change from component to component it is very much required to make sure that all the process parameters and cycle times including tolerances are met.

We at Believant Technologies have the expertise in the same and have the ability to generate more efficient component and material-specific tool paths thereby delivering NC and CNC programs along with the simulation. We partnered with industry leaders in CAD/CAM solution providers like SPRUT-CAM/Bob-CAM to deliver our customers superior results.