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Industry 4.0 the Indian Industry Perspective

Industry 4.0 the Indian Industry Perspective (Believant Technologies)
Industry 4.0 System Integration Industry

What Is Industry 4.0?

As we all know, Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, refers to the integration of advanced technologies and digital transformation into manufacturing and other industries. This includes technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, robotics, big data analytics, and cloud computing.

The Indian Industry Perspective

Industry 4.0 Indian Perspective System Integration, One of the greatest challenges India faces in modern times is adapting to the technology. Being an economy that is in a constant growth curve it is estimated that India will become a 2nd economic superpower by 2030. But if we observe our sustainability model and our import data India is a country that still uses more than 70 % of the imported electronic goods. Why is it that we do not have the ability to make our own goods and why China is able to do that?

Well everyone says that china gets labor at the cheapest rates and their manufacturing cost is low and they have all the resources available.

Well, the answer is China being effective as a lower labor-cost country is just a myth and it is not the cheapest country anymore. It is been known that a lot of industries are moving to low-cost countries like Indonesia and Vietnam to reduce their operating costs in China and this proves our case. If we compare the resources all of the raw material that China is using has been imported from other countries when compared with China India has more per CAPITA utilization and is filled with rich natural resources and coastal areas.

The only reason China is able to produce cheaper components is the usage of technology. Chinese companies or on the other note most advanced companies in the world use technology and machines to mass produce products that are innovative yet cheap. The use of technology in manufacturing is always a proven fact that companies are always ahead of their competition and innovative. With the increased use of technology and adaptability in its core structure, any organization can thrive in the long term. Also, it is the need of the hour for any industry to upgrade their existing facilities combined with technology to reduce costs and increase quality so that they are always ahead of the competition.

One of the most disruptive technology integration of the century is IOT and when it is dubbed to the industry perspective with added pillars like robots,3D printing, and data security which are key to manufacturing it has Become INDUSTRY 4.0 on other words the fourth industrial revolution that we believe is the key which has the ability to change the Indian or on the other hand any country’s manufacturing Eco-System.

From the Indian perspective if we see most companies still use conventional machines and still are labor intensive a survey states that 70 % of the Indian SMEs still use either machine with an average age of 15 years or does not have automation and quality systems in place. With this being the scenario, it is becoming a difficult task for the Small and medium enterprises which are the backbone of the economy are unable to survive. Said that even the bigger companies also were not able to survive because of the competition with technology-driven multinational companies.

As most industries or in other words, the most successful technology companies were driven by industry 4.0 Companies like 3D systems, ABB, Kuka, Cisco, and a lot more are driven by industry 4.0. (Source that being said if we say a quick look at why these companies are giving much interest in industry 4.0. Well these are the benefits of Industry 4.0

1. Data-driven decision-making.

2. Lesser production leads time because of automation.

3. Customer satisfaction.

4. Adaptability.

5. Innovation.

6. Manpower and cost reduction.

7. Increased quality of the product in fact some companies are operating at six sigma levels,

8. Industry and brand recognition

9. Increased asset performance monitoring and overall equipment efficiency.

10. Increased collaboration between cross-functional teams.

With the above advantages INDUSTRY 4.0 Is set to change the industry in another way the company that utilizes

How Believant Technologies can help Industry 4.0:

Believant Technologies being one of the leading company in technology integration and system automation we help our clients in all the aspects and key pillars of INDUSTRY 4.0. We provide our customers with:

  1. Design and Manufacturing services

2. Process automation

3. Robotic integration.

4. Proto typing and 3D printing

5. Tooling

6. Data security

7. Cloud computing

8. Augmented reality

9. Factory digital transformation.

10. Facelift projects to automate the existing process lines and we also create Flexible manufacturing systems that enable our customers to produce different components in one single cell.

11. We do lean and six sigma transformation for organizations driving toward excellence.

We work with industries leading providers in industry 4.0 solutions. Along with our core capabilities and our partners in arsenal, we will be to provide the best-in-class economical solutions that enable our customers to make the best of their organization.